Michael Wood, Founder, President and CEO, Oyster Oil & Gas Inc. (OY | TSXV) and former President and CEO, Candax Energy Inc. (CAX | TSX) Over the 10 years I have known Charlotte May she has provided outstanding team work in terms of back office administration, corporate secretarial, creative liaison with PR/IR processes and other professional services both to the board and senior executives including proactively providing guidance and opinions in her areas of expertise and experience. I have worked closely with Charlotte during many phases of a company’s growth – from the start-up phase for new companies, during the listing process and in the growth period in building a significant public company on Canadian capital markets and her contributions have been an integral part of the various companies success.” 

Juan Vegarra, Former Chairman and CEO, Forrester Metals Inc. (Plan of Arrangement with Zinc One June 2017) (VEM.H | NEX) Over the last 30 years doing business around the world, I have received support from hundreds of companies, and frankly very few can be compared to what Charlotte’s client support delivers. All I have to say to her is ‘Do your magic’ – and when she reviews press releases and presentations I am always amazed how she focuses the message and carefully edits ensuring regulatory compliance. Charlotte undertakes this same care with all aspects of her corporate secretarial work. Since Vena was founded in 2004, I am pleased to have been able to count on Charlotte’s accessibility, professionalism, judgment and support.” 

Adrian Loader, Chairman, Oracle Goldfields PLC (ORCP.L | AIM), former Chairman, Candax Energy Inc. and former President and CEO, Shell Canada Limited As a new Chairman some years back I couldn’t have asked for a better Company Secretary than Charlotte May, who always gave me super support in a friendly manner. Charlotte’s excellent knowledge of the key stakeholders and her ready willingness to take on a wide range of tasks and to execute them flawlessly were a great help. Charlotte relates well to people across the board, responds well to pressure and delivers quality work even when time constrained. It is delightful to work with her.” 

Leila Rafi, Partner, McMillan LLP My experience working with Charlotte May [when she was the Corporate Secretary of Candax Energy Inc.] is that she knows the industry inside and out, is diligent, competent and always super responsive. She has a very strong work ethic, is able to thrive in time pressured situations and always maintains her composure, being a lovely person to deal with.